FRISKA (Café review, Bristol)

Friska LogoI love Friska. It’s the sort of place that you know will be going for years because they’re so good with their technology. They’ve got an app with a great reward system (so no fumbling around for that flimsy piece of cardboard with fading stamps on) and a ‘click and collect’ service is on its way soon!

And that’s before we even get onto the food.

Salmon, avocado and kale breakfast pots, pad thai crayfish noodles, Sri Lankan coconut chicken… you’ve got to admit their menu sounds pretty sexy. Oh, and and their chocolate cheesecake brownie is to die for. Friska makes a point of sourcing the best ingredients, using only free range meat and making sure that everything is ethical and environmentally friendly whilst they’re at it. It really is ‘feel good’ food – both for you and for those making it. My favourite option so far has to be either the goats cheese and beetroot salad or the chicken pho noodles.

Friska’s really out there to change the way we experience cafés. It’s modern, forward-thinking and not afraid to bridge the gap between cafés and restaurants. It serves an eclectic mix of food from around the world that really does mean there’s something there for anyone. The mission quoted on their website is to ‘redefine your expectations of how a breakfast and lunch place makes you feel’ and, from my experience, this is exactly what they’ve done.

Where can you find Friska? I usually visit the Victoria Street branch, but they’ve also got places on Queen’s Road, Bath Road, Emersons Green and Cathedral Walk.

You can follow Friska on Twitter @FriskaFood and Instagram @FriskaFood or visit them online at


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