THE BLUEBIRD (Restaurant review, London)

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I went to the Bluebird with my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and I decided I had to write a blog post about it for three defining reasons:

  1. I have finally had oysters for the first time and didn’t die from food poisoning
  2. Their chocolate fondant with salted caramel was perfection
  3. Based on the above, I realised I’m now going to have to move to Chelsea

Firstly, I had a few apprehensions about visiting the Bluebird. Mainly because I’ve only really heard of it through Made In Chelsea – I thought it could be hyped up or chosen more as a good filming venue rather than somewhere that actually serves good food. But I thought it was worth a shot. It’s in Chelsea after all – what could go wrong?!

We chose from the Valentine’s Dinner Set Menu, which included 3 courses and a glass of champagne for £60 person, with starters such as foie gras ballotine and celeriac veloute, mains such as miso-glazed salmon and chateaubriand (for two to share) and desserts such as hot chocolate fondant and tarte tatin. There was a lot of French influence throughout their menu and it was great to see lots of fresh fish on offer for the starters.

The oysters I had for my starter came with shallot vinegar. As it was my first time trying them, we asked the waiter how he recommended eating them. It turns out you should first poke them with a cocktail stick to detach them from the shell, drizzle on a little lemon juice and vinegar, swill them round, then in they go! He said it’s up to you whether you swallow whole or chew – I went for chewing as I thought it was the less risky option. I have to say they were very nice – and the vinegar gave them a delicious added zing! Definitely something I’ll be having more of in future.

My main was a roast chicken breast, which came with onion emulsion, chanterelles, kale and white garlic veloute. The chicken was well-cooked, the sauce was nice and creamy, there were plenty of mushrooms… I could go on. Another great course.

But the pièce de résistance? It had to be the dessert; hot chocolate fondant with salted caramel ice-cream and almonds. Yum. Yum. Yum. Gooey in the middle and the cold, salty ice-cream contrasted perfectly with the warm pudding. You then had the sweet crunch of the almonds, which added another dimension that was just divine. Can you tell I’m a dessert person yet? I was very happy by this point in the evening (champagne-induced or not…)

So overall, a wonderful meal. If you love good, well-cooked French-English food and you’re planning a trip to London sometime soon, definitely make the Bluebird your venue of choice – you won’t be disappointed!



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